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Our Story

In 1976, four members of the Georgia Drillers Association were discussing the concerns regarding the State of Georgia not having a Professional Licensing law for well drillers. They felt the license was needed in order to protect the customers, themselves and the industry. They hired Bruce Widener to help get a law passed which he did and that was the start of a 44 year relationship which is now continued on with Tucker Green, our new Executive Director of GAGwP.

What We Do


We put our efforts into direct lobbying face to face with our lawmakers and their staff, finding allies and then work to influence legislation and regulations.


GAGwP has awarded $113,800 in scholarships since our inception.


Our members include some of the most influential people, educators, lobbyists and business owners from across the state. 

With Your Help, We are Making The Industry a Better Place

We help you to have a voice at the Georgia State Capitol on legislative and regulations that matter to our industry.

We are a resource for education and action that helps us all to be a part of the solution for sustainable and clean groundwater.

GAGwP exists to advance the economic, political and social interest of Georgia’s groundwater professionals. Together we share a vested interest in protecting our environment and groundwater resources.

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Who is GAGwP

GAGwP has more than 250 members. Our membership is diverse as we have small rural companies to multi-million dollar operations.

Regardless of your size GAGwP represents our contractors and suppliers alike. Becoming a member gives your company an advantage that sets you apart from your competition. 

GAGwP exists to assist, promote and support the interest and welfare of all phases of the water well industry. As an organization we strive to set high professional standards which provide for ethical behavior, credibility and quality service within the groundwater industry. 

GAGwP is your leading advocate in the state of Georgia! From the state capitol to your hometown, our members and board are committed to creating a better environment for those in the groundwater industry.

Why should I join GAGwP?

We understand as a business owner you are somewhat of a juggler, trying to keep your customers, vendors, employees, taxes, laws, government and compliances all in the air on a daily basis. Most of you are too busy to keep up with all the proposed bills in legislation that are working in Georgia each year. 

Every year thousands of bills are introduced in the State of Georgia that may have major implications on your business.  GAGwP understands it is critical that you have an advocate  to represent your voice under the Gold Dome.

GAGwP gathers information and resources then tailors the proper messages to make sure lawmakers hear our collective voice for the Groundwater Industry. GAGwP has earned a great reputation as a recognizable brand in the Georgia General Assembly, and is a trusted source of information for lawmakers.


We all know the moods and opinions at the State Capitol swing wildly from day to day and even sometimes minute by minute. That is why it is important to have GAGwP on the ground at the Capitol to fight for our industry with one unified voice. 

As a GAGwP member you will also enjoy networking opportunities, be able to receive continuing education hours and stay informed on industry trends and innovations.  Also, we will provide legislative and regulatory updates. We want to help you stay inspired and motivated, build and cultivate new partnerships and extend your support system of experienced industry professionals like you. Oh yes and last but not least, have fun and make new friends. 

We invite you to join our proactive organization today! Let GAGwP put our skills and experience to work for you for the benefit of us all.


A Letter from the President

As President of GaGwP this year, I want to welcome you to our website and thank you for your interest in GaGwP and well drilling in Georgia. I hope you will find this website both interesting and informative.

GaGwP is the only association of professional well drillers  and suppliers in the State of Georgia and we are extremely proud of our many accomplishments over the years. Be sure to see the listing of our members above which is sorted by the company name and then again by the County in which they are located. This will be helpful in finding a licensed professional well driller in your area.

Thanks again for your interest and we look forward to receiving any input you might want to send. I hope you will contact us, if we might assist you in any way.


Ryan Thompson

Ryan Thompson

Harvey Drilling Co. / HT&T Well Drilling

President, GAGwP 2019-2022 

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