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The GAGwP Scholarship

GAGwP is extremely proud of our successful long-running scholarship program. To date, we have awarded over $113,300. These scholarship funds have helped dozens of students achieve their dreams of further education. 

All of us know the cost of school is high, and it is increasing every year. Today more students than ever need some type of financial aid to be able to continue their education.

 We award scholarships on an annual basis to deserving and dedicated students who are chosen and meet all eligibility requirements. They may be attending vocational school or college for their post secondary education. The scholarship funds can be used for tuition, books or lab fees.

Our scholarships can and do provide more than just money. It shows these students that hard work pays off. Former scholarship winners tell us it offered them encouragement and also helped to boost their morale. We also know that it can often take away some pressure and stress as they start the next chapter of their life. 

Your scholarship donation support means we can brighten futures for students, their families and our communities. By engaging you can also help GAGwP build a strong future workforce. 

We have several ways for you to make donations.

  •     Annual Golf Tournament
  •     Raffles
  •     Live Auctions
  •     Or Simply Write a Check 

We are grateful and say Thank You for the generous contributions from our suppliers and members. Without your support, the scholarships would not have been possible.

Congratulations to this year’s recipients who received scholarships in the amount of $1,500 each.

  • Caroline Grosch, Grosch Irrigation/Major Turbine
  • Emily Colwell, Middle Georgia Water Systems
  • Marshal Massey, C.M.C. Supply

Scholarship Information

If you have a family member or employee who is interested in a scholarship, have them complete and return our scholarship form no later than 2 weeks before the Well Show each year. Please disregard the instructions on where to mail the application. Please mail to P.O. Box 1239 Jasper, GA 30143 or email to

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