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GAGwP serves almost 250 members across the State of Georgia. A GAGwP membership provides you with networking opportunities, education, and advocacy services which support the Groundwater interest in Georgia. Members include some of the most influential people, educators, lobbyists and business owners from across the state. 

We offer members unparalleled access to education and advocacy across every aspect of the industry. 

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GAGwP Membership Gives You

  • Access to an expert community of professionals
  • Education opportunities to grow your business
  • Access of up to date legislation, codes and regulations
  • Continuous advocacy and lobbying on a local and state level
  • Networking and industry events
  • A chance to share your wisdom by presenting at events, drafting articles or serving on our board

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$113,300 Awarded


GAGwP is extremely proud of our successful long-running scholarship program. To date, we have awarded over $113,300. These scholarship funds have helped dozens of students achieve their dreams of further education. 

We award scholarships on an annual basis to deserving and dedicated students who are chosen and meet all eligibility requirements. They may be attending vocational school or college for their post secondary education. The scholarship funds can be used for tuition, books or lab fees. Click here to learn more about our scholarship program


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